Sluggish Oscar

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OrangeO replied the topic: Re: Sluggish Oscar

I use Prime as a water conditioner / dechlorinator. It removes/detoxifies Chlorine, Chloramine,Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates. The only thing I wish it did, that it doesn't, is remove metals/iron that is in the water.

Also, what do you mean "As I stated previously, this is first time I have used chlorinated water and is a new experience"? You used bottled water before? It is very important that you use enough dechlorinator because the Chlorine will not only kill the beneficial bacteria, but also put a lot of stress on your fish and possibly kill the fish if the levels of chlorine are high enough and prolonged.

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fprefect replied the topic: Re: Sluggish Oscar

Well, there are so many different brands of conditioners and dechlorinators on the market, and suggestions on how to use it, all with different incredients and intructions for use, as well a suggestions how to use it, it's come down to guesswork.

Water is now crystal clear and has been so for a while using Tetra brand conditioner containing only unspecfied inorganic mineral salts with the recommeded usage being 1 tsp per gal weekely with a 50 t o 75% water change every 6 months.

The declorinator I was using was also a Tetra product (containing several ingredients) with recommendations to be used only once per month, but have been given advice to use it weekly with a 25% water change. Did not work. Water remained very slightly cloudly.

Now using a product from Jungle (United Pet Group Inc.), containing only sodium chloride, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and aloe vera, with no recommendations as to frequency of use. Clear water.

Fish will now only eat an ocassional bite of cod fillet or turkey breast. In the past I only feed the oscar the above foods after it had first eaten a quantity of various types of commercial chiclid foods. Perhaps I should stop feeding "nonfishfood" until it will eat fish food again or starves to death. :unsure: ;)

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jsvalenti replied the topic: Re: Sluggish Oscar

The only water conditioner that I use is Seachem Prime. It is inexpensive because you use less than other conditioners. I do a 50% water change once a week and I never have problem with Cloudy water. Do you have a test kit for your water parameters? What are your readings for ph, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? What kind of filter do you have running? How long has your tank been set up? Was your tank cycled before adding any fish?

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Rocksor replied the topic: Re: Sluggish Oscar

They can live up to 2 weeks without eating. Soak the pellets in water for a few minutes so that it isn't hard like his previous menu.
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Epc_1984 replied the topic: Re: Sluggish Oscar

My Oscar is doing the same thing... sluggish and bottom laying in his new 50g aquarium... he was in a 30g, he is only 3" right now. I filled his tank with the old aqyarium water over a week. Little but at a time, until the new tank was full of the existing water he was used to. Water is 78 - 82 and the decorations are the same, not cleaned before I put them into the new aquarium. My Oscar is very unimpressed I think lol... he shoots around the tank once in awhile, but usually very low in the tank and laying at the bottom... I am a little worried about him. Thought the larger tank would make him happy, apparently not. He has been in it for maybe 3 hours and still just being "Lazy" compaired to his normal self... any suggestions?
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DRACO replied the topic: Re: Sluggish Oscar

activating an old thread ( 4 years old topic) will not do good to you... only few people will try to react an this. ...
i suggest you start your own thread so that you can monitor the reaction of the members... old thread are here to be a reference...

using existing water will not do good to your fish especially if you are not sure about its quality. you should use stock water
and run the existing filter into it. normally ... fish will sulk for a day or two after transferring to the new tank..
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