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jmunroe replied the topic: Re:NEED HELP Oscar Fish HITH LLE?

That pretty much sums it up and we don't want to sound harsh, just giving the straight facts from the decades of experience we have here. As to why those big oscars in the small tanks at the pet store look so healthy, it's because somebody who has looked after them and kept them healthy have just been dropped off there and haven't spent their lives being raised in that tank. Also most of the time those tanks all on one wall of the store are connected to one system. So your seeing a 20 gallon tank in front of you but it actually is hundreds of gallons of water. The fish will eventually start to feel the effects of being kept in those small quarters as well.

Go do a water change - the solution to pollution is dilution.
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KRrack replied the topic: NEED HELP Oscar Fish HITH LLE?

I am in Canada, and let me tell you, the tanks are ridiculously priced all around me, i hate it. i bought a bowl front 30 gallon that my africans are in for like 350 or something. Im telling you if i go to a store, its gonna cost me. Maybe if i can find someone willing to sell one it would be that cheap, but even people online price em up to 250-300 range at least. Also need to reiterate, i am adhd, and take things personally when i shouldnt. I am also running on 30 hours without a minute of shut eye. If i was unwilling to take advice however i wouldnt be here, im clearly worried and have just been told im doing everything wrong, even though my Oscar has behaved healthily and is active most of the day. Look through my perspective, well you can't cause you don't have adhd i assume, pretty much panicking now because of this.

Im not discrediting Darths experience by any means, i probably overreacted but he basically just called me an idiot, and offered no advice. Im new, not an idiot. Screw it, ill have to sell my 30 gallon and use it to buy a 50 gallon, but thats gonna be a pain in the ass, and will take a few weeks too. So with that being said....... what CAN I do in the meantime? the fish store gave me this metroplex yesterday when i discussed my concerns with him, and said it should treat it. it says on the label it treats Hexamita, and very rare can you overdose, but who would do that anyways. Can't hurt right? Anyways, i gotta get off. This is beginning to become depressing..
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Rogue_Violetta replied the topic: NEED HELP Oscar Fish HITH LLE?

We have 4 running tanks in our house atm. A further two are in our shed, Tera's tank, which needs a small reseal, and a 6x2x2.

We got all those tanks second hand. Perhaps you could try looking on some websites for second hand tanks, or let your friends know? About half of our tanks came from Lamm, including the 6x2x2 which is going to have an oscar. I could get an oscar now, but I'd have to get rid of all my community fish in my main tank to do so, and I love them all too much to do that. My profile pic is my least favourite in my community tank, because he's a pain at water changes and tries to bite me, but I still wouldn't part with him.

It's just a cheaper option, and you may be able to get a larger tank for your other fish, and enjoy them as much, and sell your then old tanks.

I hope I'm making sense, I just had my third wisdom tooth pulled out, which had an abcess, and the happy gas is still in my system.

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Rocksor replied the topic: NEED HELP Oscar Fish HITH LLE?

Actually, you can overdose on Metroplex, which is why Seachem states to use everyother day for no more than 3 weeks. Too much, and it will lead to organ failure in fish.

A better treatment for hexamita is epsom salt solution soaked pellets. Using 1/2 cup distilled water and 3/4 teaspoon epsom salt mixed in. Soak the pellets until saturated, which usually takes about 5-10 minutes as you use a teaspoon to apply the solution to the pellets.

However, the water quality must be improved first. Remove the gravel from the tank. Do not remove all of it, maybe 10-15% a day, followed with a 50% water change. A lot of crap will come out of the gravel, which is why you should follow with a water change. Also removing the gravel will give you more water volume.

You can leave the plastic plants.
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Darth Nandopsis replied the topic: NEED HELP Oscar Fish HITH LLE?

Not going to have our members waste any more valuable time. Thread locked.


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Suprd71 replied the topic: NEED HELP Oscar Fish HITH LLE?

Well, this whole thing was a big waste. If I could sell 30 bowfronts for 350, I would stock a few dozen. Guess this guy doesn't know about BigAls.

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