Oscar growth

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AyeImMel created the topic: Oscar growth

My tiger oscar fish is 2 years old and shes about 7 inches is that normal?

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OFL replied the topic: Oscar growth

Welcome to our community, we are pleased you decided to join up.

7 inches is certainly considerably smaller than what you would expect a two-year-old Oscar to be. I would expect an Oscar of this age to be around 10 or 11 inches, possibly larger.

There is a possibility that you have what I would describe as the "runt" of the litter. Like dogs and sometimes cats there may be a few fish from a batch that for some strange reason never reach their potential size. It doesn't necessarily mean they are going to die prematurely, it just means they'll never grow to the size of a normal healthy adult OscarFish.

However, we do have two address the possibility of the fish having a stunted growth. This normally happens when the fish is kept in less than perfect water conditions. If the nitrates are always high and ammonia and nitrite are present a lot of the time then this can have a serious effect on the fishes growth rates. Having said that, a two-year old fish kept in these conditions would have probably developed hole in the head disease by now.

What size tank are you using? If the tank is ridiculously small and this could also be the reason for the lack of growth rates.

Get back to us, tell us exactly how you have been keeping the Oscar and we will try and help. However, it may just be a case that you have an Oscar that is never going to grow much more..

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DRACO replied the topic: Oscar growth

welcome to the community...

as OFL had said, there are times an oscar has small version...
can you post pictures?

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