Is this hith?

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bland created the topic: Is this hith?

My oscar always had a dimple between his eyes but lately it has developed into a hole. Wondering if it’s hith and if I should be concerned.

Tank. 125g
Stock. 1 oscar 3yrs old
4 red shoulder severums 2.5yrs old
4 giant danios

Feed daily with quality pellet. They are not overfed
Filter is sponges and bio media in an fx6 and 2 poret sponges in the tank. No carbon.
Water changes are 3/4 of the tank every other week. I did increase to weekly water changes to see if the hole would go away but there was no change. Reading are 0, 0, 25 at the end of 2 weeks and 0, 0, 5ppm after water change.


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Suprd71 replied the topic: Is this hith?

I would call that bacterial pitting. If the fish didnt have it, it would look very good. Thats a big stock in 125g, and regardless of water readings, a twice monthly water change isnt enough. That hole could easily spread, develop into hith. It could become infected. You should go back to a weekly water change, at minimum. Dont expect the hole to close up right away, may take some weeks. Love those Sevs, I have had some Rotkeils off and on over the years, my faves!

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