Caudal fin hasn’t grown

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Docarri created the topic: Caudal fin hasn’t grown

Hi there
I recently bought a oscar from my local fish shop and I didn’t notice that he/she had this issue but I like him so i its all good
He has some problems swimming and turns only to one side and swims in a particular way.
Im not aware of what i can do about it km just concerned about his health and living

Thanks a million

Fyi i have a 120 lt tank with 2 blood Parrot and my oscar also a couple of small corys
Soon gonna upgrade my tank for a large one
The oscar is around 3 inches (how old could be???) and eats well and he isn’t aggressive against the tank mates

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Caudal fin hasn’t grown

Welcome to OFL. Oscar looks good. At that size he is likely 4-6 months old. Lots of growing and a long life ahead with proper care. As it grows, colors, patterns will change. Fins and body shape as well. If he eats well and gets around ok, nothing to worry about at this time. Keep the water super clean. Weekly large volume water changes. More as the fish gets bigger, which shouldnt take long. Anything we can do for you, just ask!

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