Killing but not eating live food.

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missteaf created the topic: Killing but not eating live food.

Hey guys, long time creeper first time poster.

Once a fortnight or so I treat my oscars with some live food. Today I put in some feeders and crays, but oddly they just seem to bw killing and not eating them. The tank is littered with half chewed remains haha.

Both feeders have been quarantined so im not worried about anythiny like that. More the weird behaviour of just the killing but not eating. Can this be classified as normal behaviour? Or is it a boredom thing or aggression?

Bummed Ive got to fish out little half chewed bodies from the tank haha

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OFL replied the topic: Killing but not eating live food.

Hi there, welcome to the community. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea why this has happened. Sounds to me as if the fish isn't really that hungry, maybe it's used to eating nonlife food? You know that Oscars don't really need feeders, in fact they really don't get much nutrition from them so you're probably not can gain anything by giving them to your fish.

I shouldn't worry, there's nothing wrong with your fish, it just sounds as if the Oscar wasn't really that hungry and after killing it through predatory instinct he decided just to leave its body and the tank.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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DRACO replied the topic: Killing but not eating live food.

that is normal to a killing machine some point, my oscar do that too
until one day, they become tire of tilapia feeders wherein the tilapia grows up
and catches the same size... however, tilapia became bully to the big pangasius..
so the tilapia end up in my griller LOL!

its good you removed the half left over, otherwise, it will add up bioload.

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