Setting up a new tank - Tankmate questions/opinions needed!!

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darkhorse419 created the topic: Setting up a new tank - Tankmate questions/opinions needed!!

Currently I have a custom 54 gallon tank being built - and want to add some fish to my stocking if possible. I know I have some room, filtration is showing at 191% according to AqAdvisor so I know I am good there!! I currently have a Pinoy Angel & Blushing Angel (About 1/2 dollar, maybe a little smaller) and 2" Electric Blue Acara, and 12 little Mickey Mouse Platys (My wifes "Mickey Mouse Club" - eh, allows me to keep buying fish, so I will spend a few on basic fish from here to there...) Here are some of the fish I am thinking, let me know your thoughts - or other suggestions?? Or am I trying pushing the SA/CA limits here?? I have mixed tank raised SA/CA with no issues, so not worried about water parameters, none are wild or close by any means...

1. More Electric Blue Acaras? (2-3 more??)
2. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (1)
3. Keyhole Cichlids (2-3)
4. Rainbow Cichlid (1)
5. Firemouth Cichlid (1)
6. Electric Blue Rams (2-3)
7. Salvini Cichlid (1)
8. Red Ceibal Cichlid (1)
9. Curviceps (2-3)

I am not saying I want all these fish together in 1 tank - simply looking for options/opinions on what will work with what I already have. I do weekly 50% water changes, and can add more if needed (I work from home, can easily sneak one in!) I have had extremely overstocked tanks, as well as very little stocked tanks - never really had that tank that was peaceful, and I think this will be it!!! BTW, tank dims are going to be = 30"w x 18"d x 24"h (All I have space for)

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