Dovii, Jags & All Parachromis with GuapoteMel

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Aqua Nut created the topic: Dovii, Jags & All Parachromis with GuapoteMel

Growing, Caring for Monster Parachromis How to Care for Dovii the wolf cichlid, Jaguars / Jags Cichlids , Tiger Mota, Friedrichsthalii, Loisellei Cichlid Care with Guapote Mel

Today we go over everything Parachromis Cichlids with special guest, GuapoteMel. We will go over one of the meanest cichlid genus.He has over 4 decades of experience caring for, breeding and raising every species in the Parachromis genus. He shares his secrets to success with all of us in this monster fish keeping 101.

Mel goes over the 5 different species in the Parachromis family and details how to care for as follows:

Parachromis Dovii AKA the Wolf Cichlid
Parachromis Managuensis, Managuense AKA Jaguar, Jag Cichlid
Parachromis Friedrichsthalii AKA Freddy, Yellow Jacket Cichlid
Parachromis Motaguensis, Motaguense AKA Tiger Mota Cichlid
Parachromis Loisellei

While each species has similarities, they also have unique characteristics and traits which are discussed. Mel classifies the Parachromis into 2 (technically 3) types based on similarities they share.

Group 1 consists on Parachromis Dovii and Parachromis Managuensis. These two species are both monster sized with expected adult size potentials of over 20" for the Jag cichlid and over 30" for the Dovii. These 2 species are also known to be on the extreme side of the aggression charts with many individuals being best housed alone. These are truly some of the meanest, most brutal cichlids out there with huge size and equally huge strength.

Mel recommends a tank size of 500 gallons for an adult Dovii and 300 gallons for an adult Jaguar cichlid. These fish are true monsters and in order to grow to their full potential, they require equally monstrous tanks.

Next, we look at Group 2 (and 3). This group does not get quite as large as group 1, though by no means are they small fish. In this group you will find Parachromis Motaguense AKA Red Tiger Mota Cichlid and Parachromis Fredrichsthalii AKA Freddies, Yellow Jacket Cichlid. Technically, the Loisellei would be on its own in group 3, though it does have some similarities to group 2.

The tiger mota or Parachromis Motaguensis has an estimated full grown size of 12-14". The Freddy's or Parachromis Friedrichstahlii has the same estimated adult size of12-14"

The Parachromis Loisellei on the other hand is the smallest of the bunch with an estimated size of about 10" which is much smaller than the monster Parachromis seen in group 1.

Mel does a great job at explaining the origins of all the Parachromis species and gives a brief history on them. He shares some really cool information on how they live in the wild and what we can do to achieve full growth potential of these monster cichlids. These monsters originate from Central America from Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize and Nicaragua. He shares where each fish is found and what habitats they prefer.

Mel goes over basic care including how to care for Parachromis and raise them to live to their full expected life span. It was an honor to get to learn from a true monster fish keeping legend.

Mel discusses recommended temperature to house and keep Parachromis. Everything you need to know about Paracromis Cichlids and the basics to caring for Dovii, Jaguar, Freddy, Tiger Mota and Loisellei is discussed here!

In this video, you will see clips of GuapoteMel's MONSTER 27" Dovii he had for over 14 years before he had passed due to old age. He is an absolutely phenomenal specimen that really reached an impressive size.

Also featured are clips from other dedicated monster fish keepers. We are super thankful to everyone who contributed footage of their amazing Dovii, Jags, Tiger Mota, Freddy and Loisellei Cichlids. All credits below!

Special Thanks and Credits:


Team Parachromis Facebook Group

Fredrichsthali Female/ Pair

Dovii Male Footage

Aggressive Jag Footage

Mota Male Photo

Jag/Mota Footage
Dave C.

Fred, Mota Footage

Loisellei Footage

Loisellei Footage

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