Paraneetroplus/Vieja Argentea

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daddadoo7 created the topic: Paraneetroplus/Vieja Argentea

Paraneetroplus/Vieja Argentea Central American
Common names - White Cichlid, Silver Cichlid
Size - Juvinile roughly 3.5 inches Adults 12 inches females are smaller
Temp - 8/182
Temperment - very aggressive
Diet - Nls algaemax, Nls regular sinking pellets, Omega one kelp and regular pellets, peas, and frozen Mysis shrimp
Comments - (all info posted is about my fish only and the conditions which it is kept in, it is not generalized to all argentea) Kept in a 55 gallon grow out with black sand does not hide much or use caves. The fish was originally in with 2 other agentea and 2 heterospilus but became very aggressive almost relentless towards cichlid tankmates. Current tank mates are 6 tiger barbs 1 striped Raphael
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